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Future schools

At Keswick House Nursery School we prepare children to be the best learners that they can be. We are proud that their next steps continue to a range of diverse schools. Members of staff visit many primary schools throughout the school year to establish strong links and to ensure that children transition confidently into the Reception Year. The Nursery Head and Manager speak to parents individually to talk about the child’s next steps and provide first-hand information on future schools. In recent years our children have moved onto the following schools:

First day at Putney High School

Moving On

At Keswick House Nursery, we develop strong links with the many local primary schools our children feed into.  We must not take for granted that all children will be able to take the transition process into the Reception Year in their stride. It is therefore important to create a smooth and positive transition with appropriate preparation and understanding. Click on the link below to read more...

First Day at The Roche School

The Roche School Early Years Co-ordinator Kate Wiffen on preparing your child for Reception.