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Forest School 2

At The Keswick House Nursery Forest School the children are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that the individual child is at the forefront of learning and we provide opportunities for all children to succeed.

We offer child-led, and hands-on learning in the outdoor environment tailored to children’s enthusiasms and interests.

Our Forest School curriculum follows the core of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) offering learning opportunities in a carefully sourced outdoor environment.


Miss Kerry - Forest School Leader

“I am so proud and excited to have become a Forest School Leader. Along with my passion for Early Years Education, Forest School has been an approach that has fascinated me for quite some time. When studying, I touched on the Forest School Approach and through case studies, I learned about the positive impact it has on all children who experience forest schooling. Now I have delivered Forest School lessons of my own, I am able to see, first-hand, how these sessions have benefited all children. I have been amazed at the language children have been using during Forest School sessions and the level of critical thinking that we have seen is extremely impressive! Children show such positive attitudes and their independence has meant that they rarely seek out adults to help with a problem, but rather work in teams to overcome difficulties. This approach to problem solving, I’m sure will stay with children through their school career and beyond. The happiness that comes from the sense of  freedom children feel while in the forest is a joy to witness”.

What is Forest School?

Forest School is an approach to learning based around the natural world in a forest or natural environment. The natural world becomes a classroom without walls and unlimited outcomes.

The sessions allow children to take risks and attempt new challenges outside a normal classroom environment.  Climbing trees and whittling sticks add a sense of excitement and adventure for the children, who are free to explore and manipulate the environment around them, using all of their senses along the way.

Learning and the Curriculum

Forest Schooling means that children become confident, happy and free-spirited investigators. Children become inquisitive and language develops quickly. We are proud that Forest School raises our children’s love and care for the natural environment in addition to raising self-esteem, confidence, general knowledge and promoting an ‘I can’ attitude.

Wonder and excitement is constantly established and creativity soars. Tasks are met head on, creating individual ways of solving problems. Friendships and trust are built and children are provided with freedom to explore and are guided where necessary. The learning is led by children so lesson plans are adapted to suit the interests and ideas of ‘The Roche Rangers’!

Qualified and experienced staff who are passionate about Early Years Education, are on hand to guide children through exciting opportunities with open-ended outcomes and opportunities. We pride ourselves on how we deliver opportunities for learning that enable all children to achieve, whatever their goal may be and whatever the weather!